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Partnership Available

WIMB Inc. provide services to low budget international travellers finding affordable and reliable accommodations in Canada later in the worldwide. The online service not only includes the accommodation list but also includes sending messages between travellers upon the agreement. WIMB Inc. will lead accommodation booking industry in a new way and welcomes talented and enthusiastic personal. WIMB Inc. are looking for young business partners in the following positions. All partners either in a part of ownership or full-time employee. It can be mix of both.

Ask yourself if you are living the life you want, and if not, do something about it. This doesn’t necessarily mean becoming an entrepreneur, but you can and should spend the majority of your time doing the things that help you build the life that you want.

The common requirements for all positions are

Position Deadline Class Requirements Responsibilities Education Experience Plus Location
Web Developer 2017-01-31 Strategic Partner/Apprentice web development skills Participating in all stages of the web application development process (design, development, testing, documentation, and maintenance). Performing research to investigate technologies as required for projects. Developing in Bootstrap platform which includes PHP, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, jQuery, Ajax, MySQL. final year undergraduate student/graduate student/professional developer responsive web development experience UI/UX design experience Calgary, Alberta
Marketing Coordinator/Business Manager 2016-12-23 Strategic Partner Strong communications skills including writing and editing across different media and platforms. Strong project management skills and attention to detail. Participating in various roles of management department. It includes business strategy, customer relations, business admin, online/offline marketing and sales management. Tracking social media accounts. Managing website contents final year undergraduate student/MBA student/degree holder in a related field. marketing, business admin, business management French speaker Calgary, Alberta
Legal Advisor 2016-12-31 Strategic Partner Strong communications skills Documenting Privacy Policy, Terms and Services for both travellers and property owners. Advising on any international legal issues. Law student/legal practitioner in a related field. legal experience on international law Calgary, Alberta
Accounting Coordinator 2017-01-31 Strategic Partner Well organized personal Organizing and coordinating daily accounting duties to ensure organizational effectiveness and efficiency. Revenue tracking & taxation. Advising on any international legal issues. Accounting student/accounting practitioner in a related field. accounting bilingual Calgary, Alberta
Web/App Graphic Designer 2017-01-31 Strategic Partner portfolio on graphic designs -overall web UI/UX design -collaborate with a web developer - post secondary school diploma/degree holder - currently enrolled in a post secondary institution any experience on web or app UI/UX understand web programming language Calgary, Alberta

To apply, please email a cover letter and resume to hr@whereismybed.com